Kani Lent 

Kani Lent is an artist, musician, and researcher based in Berlin. They are currently studying at the University of Arts Berlin in the class of Prof. Dr. Hito Steyerl.

Untitled sanctuary/Lament I

single channel video and soundwork, 06:25 min

with Felix Ansmann

Watch here

The video shows the point of view of no-one in particular, or perhaps multiple entities, switched without the viewers notice. The camera wanders through an environment made up of 3D scanned environmental formation from undisclosed real-world places, out of scale and assembled into a nonsensical, theme-park like world. Populated by found stock assets, appearing meaningless, but nevertheless hint at some kind of narrative inscribed into their arrangement, it shows a virtual life-world, commercially produced and designed for everyone / noone particular.

Installationview at Gelegenheiten, Berlin part of CTM Vorspiel
- ,Lore’ group show curated by I’m Daddy