Kani Lent 

Kani Lent is an artist, musician, and researcher based in Berlin. They are currently studying at the University of Arts Berlin in the class of Prof. Dr. Hito Steyerl.


with Felix Ansmann

soundinstallation; duration of sound 02:15, wood fiber boards,
metal hinges, photography and found images,
stamped words with black ink

Something lacking that conjures,
it’s own absence through traces left behind, withholdment erected from the margins of dispositional structure withdrawing from feedback loops,
and in turn, perhaps paradoxically,
make them explicit,
crucially, it is not noise,
that replaces the signal, but silence.

Traces of intersubjectivity,
only in part physically present,
materializing what was done,
and what has not happened,
prompting the tartini note,
an auditory illusion of a lower note,
that can be heard,
when the only sounds present,
are high notes.

Installationview at Museum for photography Berlin, 
Seen By #19: Hyperstition – exhibition curated by Marlena von Wedel